Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus

Me and Dad

Ma and Kimberly taking a walk on my break home during Thanksgiving

Gett'n ready on Thanksgiving

Taking a rest after the "long" walk...

Jess help'n put up the tree

Mom and dad putting the tree up

Me and the kids making christmas cookies

Dad making Ham salad with the grandkids

GBS Christmas Play

Play'n Monopoly on Christmas

Dad reading the Christmas Story from Luke

Patrick opening a present...it's something that has to do with a ship.

Jessica opening a present

I guess I'm just the picture type of blogger...lol

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My life consists of...

This pretty much sums up my life...and not really in this order! :)
God Bless

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall Fun with Friends

Friday evening after supper, a bunch of us went to a big family farm. It was really neat! We went on a hay ride, explored a corn maze, played vollyball, sang songs around a campfire...and best of all, ate kettle corn and drank apple cider! Afterwords everyone went out to eat. My roommate and I opted out and left early to relax and eat by ourselves!
It was alot of fun, and very relaxing after a long week of school! Oh ya and wednesday night Jeffery and I sang in the evening service at the school! It was really cool for me because it was my first time to sing at GBS! God really helped!
Love ya'll and God Bless,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is coming!

(deep breath) Hmmmm...I LOVE fall! I love EVERY SINGLE thing about it! I love the way it feels! I LOVE the way it looks! And lets NOT forget the WONDERFUL way it smells! Everything romantic that ever happens in my dreams happen in the fall! (ok maybe I'm getting a little carried away!) That being said, maybe I should let my faithful friends know how I'm doing. The answer: WONDERFUL. God is blessing me so much. He is providing things for me that I could never experience if I didn't need him so badly. School and work are keeping me pretty busy, and I like it that way.
Several strange things have happened to me in the short time that I've been here. The strangest being a ride in a hearse... Actually, the roomies and I went shopping Saturday and in the middle of our fun day out, our car broke down! (that would be the short version of course) Anyway, so we called around and were able to get some of the guys from the school to come help us. Long story short, they picked us up in their work car...which just happened to be a hearse!!!! Yikes!
Well, I could rattle on for ever, but I must report back to work!

Here are some pics of some stuff from my phone...

St. Xavier game Jeff, Chelle, and I went to

Me and my friend Candice on a boat ride.
Me and some friends on the boat...in the middle of some lily pads.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I can't get these stupid little pictures off my post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many new things are happening to me at this point in my life! First of all and most importantly, my mom got a cell phone!!!!!!! I cannot stress to you, whomever you may be, how important this is to me. You see, on my little life's totem pole, my mother (and in other ways my father) are simply and securely at the top. There is absolutely no one in this world I'd rather spend my time with. Therefore, now that she has a cell phone, we can talk countless hours, and it just doesn't matter!!!!! (As far as money goes at least) ;)
Secondly, (or should that be just second?) school is finally starting to form a rhythm for me. By that, I mean things are starting to come into place. Things aren't half as confusing as they used to be and I'm starting to find my groove.
Thirdly...third...whatever, my room is starting to feel more and more like my personal dwelling place. I'm not ready to say it feels like home, but, it is starting to feel personal. That in part is because of my wonderful roommates who have so graciously kept their section of the room clean, and in part because my things are starting to understand where their new home is. (I was beginning to wonder if they would ever catch on...:))
HMMMMM...actually there are probably fourths and fifths and so on, buuuuut...I really have maaaaaannnnnyyyyy other things I should be doing right now.
*exp. 2 hours of piano, and 2 hours of voice!!!! (ok so I got behind over the weekend...it's not always that bad.)
Much love and God Bless!
Good bye for now!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where in the world to start....

First off this will be a very short blog! It's way to late and my roommates are probably wishing my death at the moment! ;) However, I must give a little update. I am WONDERFULLY happy here at GBS! God is doing so many things in my life! I have a pretty small load this semester but seem to be very busy! It feels like I live in the music hall! This though, is a Great thing! (is that even a full sentence?) Anyway...As I was saying God is showing himself so Greatly in my life and is allowing me such happiness right now! So many times we go to God in the bad times, but I so desperately don't want to forget him while I'm happy! I've told him so many times in the past few weeks that I want him to be happy with me! I'm sure that sounds weird, but I mean it! In my head I envision Jesus and me skipping hand and hand down a soft sandy beach! :) My happiness comes from his happiness and if he's not with me...I'm just not happy! :) AAAANYway, I tried posting pictures but this computer is acting up. Aaaaand, for anyone (like my mother) who will notice the serious lack of English...ummm...correctness...? ...I know...and don't care...at least right now! I will care deeply in the morning! God bless! Keep in touch!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm moving away to college...did I ever mention that I ended up choosing (or being led to) GBS?

I am moving! I will leave for school August 13th. The plan is for Jeffery and his girlfriend to arrive in SD on the 12th, the fam will then all go to watertown for my niece, Paetyn's, birthday party. After the party, Jeff, Chelle, my dad, sister, and I will head to the black hills for some sight seeing! After we've seen what we want to see we will head to Cincinnati, unload, then head to my dad's family's for Jeff's girlfriend to meet the fam!
I will then stay with Jeff until we can both move to the dorms. I can start moving into the dorm, August 18th. Anyway, that's about it for now. Until then, I'll finish off my notice at work. :)
God Bless